Adobe stock vs Envato elements vs Shutterstock 2021

Have a bit of doubt that which one is perfect for your creation In adobe stock or Envato elements so, you are going to be gets your doubt out now there is a full of comparison or adobe stock vs Envato elements. Now we are going to more about Adobe stock or Envato elements let’s take look for Adobe stock.

Adobe stock

As we know that adobe is most popular are leading company which stood at the top of the creation World where if you want to create video or edit photo then Adobe provides fabulous software which used by the professionals.

Adobe stock is paid platform where you can gets high quality image, vector, video or template which is royalty free means you aren’t gets ay copyright claim against using them in your creation.

So as we know that if someone provides service then it takes cost for that as like that adobe stock is a paid platform. For using the service of adobe stock then you should have to pay for that. There are some plans that you can select according to your need.

More about Adobe stock

Adobe is the American multinational company who served many wonderful software to the world of creativity in short word adobe brings more creativity in users. Adobe stock is another service by Adobe inc.

Adobe stock is service provider which gives the royalty free images, video, vector graphics or Soundtrack for your work through use them you can make your work more authentic or without getting any copyright claim.

Adobe stock is basically a subsidiary of adobe creative cloud as like the other ones. Adobe stock is such a large platform on internet which provides stock stuff. Adobe stock is a paid service platform by that if you want to use any material of adobe stock your should have to pay for that.

There are Millions of HD quality images or other material required for editing easily caught on adobe stock. There you will known the features of adobe stock or as well as the pricing.

Many peoples earn money from adobe stock as they sold their images, vectors, Soundtrack or such as like that to adobe stock or adobe stock pay them for their work.

Now many people uses these image or in all that stuff in their work to make their work reliable. Then they pay for to purchase.

Before checking the plans of adobe stock let’s check out it’s Features.

Adobe stock features

• There is huge stock of royalty free images around 60 Million
• Video available in 4k or other resolution
• Millions of vector
• Graphics for your creation
• wide variety of Images , video, vector or graphics
• Images or vector are also in HD
• Sounds or music

In adobe stock you can find out any royalty free images, video, vector or more according to your needs as what did mention it have wide variety of stuff.

If you come across adobe stock then you will definitely get what do you want or use in your creation without the agitation of getting copyright claim.

Adobe stock is right choice for you if you want any royalty free images, video, vector or graphics or every material you get in High quality so not to worry about the quality.

Adobe stock pricing

After we are get enough about the adobe stock as what is provide or how’s the quality of it’s service now it’s time to look at the pricing or plans of adobe stock that have an important role in adobe stock vs envanto elements.

There are two plans for the individual ones or of you are group, community then you can check out it will reduce the pricing.

Pricing Adobe stock

1) Basis plan (monthly)

• 3 standard assets in month
• Rollover up to 36 standard assets with renewal
• Cancel anytime

Price :- $29.9 /month

2) Standard

• 10 standard assets in month
• Rollover up to 120 standard assets with renewal
• Cancel anytime
• One month free trial

Price :- $29.9/month
(It can change in annual )

Still we are done up the Adobe stock Envato elements remain so, go forward for Envato elements and not to stop the journey of adobe stock vs Envato elements.

Envato elements

Is one of the best option for stock images, video, vector, graphics, soundtrack or there is an another additional stuff is WordPress templates (web templates) which is usually used to create an website or blog.

Envato elements provides 52M+ stock free photos or along with all stuff there is 54M+ creative assets for making your creation more creative without gets any copyright claim.

In Envato elements there you gets image or other stuff in high quality as like the adobe stock so, until we discussed about the adobe stock vs envato elements we get that both platform provides equal quality stuff let’s check more about Envato elements.

Envato elements

• Huge variety of stock free images 52M+
• Videos available in HD
• WordPress templates (web templates)
• Soundtrack and Music
• Graphics
• Video templates

Envato elements provides such are good quality stuff as like the adobe stock so let’s check the pricing of Envato elements.

Envato elements pricing


• Millions of creative digital assets
• 50M+ additional stock photos
• Courses & tutorials
• Simple commercial licensing
• Cancel any time

Price:- $16.5/M


• Millions of creative digital assets
• 50M+ additional stock photos
• Courses & tutorials
• Simple commercial licensing
• Cancel any time

If conduct a team for your work then you gets additional discount for the Envato elements Some are listed

That’s price will apply for each Member

2 Member
Price:- $14.5/M

3 Member
Price:- $12.42/M

Or for more you can check out..


When we looking ahead for the royalty free images , videos vector , Music or much other materials lies in that category then we always find the Shutterstock as in the leading. Shutter stock was founded in 2003 since, it’s provides royalty free materials for. Digital creation such as Photos editing or video editing.

Shutterstock deals in the High quality Photos video clips or vector as it’s they provide then it’s means they cost for it. That’s Shutterstock is paid Service provider which price varies according to the what’s type of material you looking for.. We later discuss the Price of the Shutterstock.

From a recent data released by them it’s mentioned that they are maintaining the Library of 350+ Million Photos, video clip, vector , Music and illustrations. It’s can easy to think how much material they have which is royalty free usable for you commercially.

In Shutterstock you didn’t have to worry about that Is you would find the Material according to your needs then It’s the answer is Assuming the value of 350 Million how Big value is this or answer you gets Yourself. It means there you can find what you looking..

Features Of Shutterstock

• Huge library of 350+ Million Photos , video , Music etc
• High quality Photos In Hundreds of Categories
• Video clips Available in 4k As well in other resolution.
• Wide variety of Music in high quality Audio
• Thousands of Photos Daily Updates

Shutterstock is as the leading service provider for stock photos or in other royalty free items. One of the basis unit which is measured when we have to compared something it’s Price so, let’s check out it’s Plans pricing or which one is best for individual or For a community.

Shutterstock pricing

There are different type of plans accordingly to the need of the users. If you didn’t find the right plans then there you can get contact with them to be the satisfied users otherwise there are few plans are been listed by them or what would you gets in.


350+ Million stock photos acesss
commercial lincense
high quality images
only 10 images gets in a month

that’s a individual user plan in which he/she gets the royalty free images for thier work with license to use them.

Price:- $29/Mo

Miltiple users

Millions of royalty free images
Thousand of Categories
High quality images
Gets 750 images in a Month

In the team plan there you can picks the material needs for your work as you are working with a team.

There are pricing varies as the users increase

Pricing:- $379/mo (only for 2 users)
$479/mo (upto 11 users)

If your team members more than the 11 then you should have to contact them as they will shows you the plans with aditonal discount.


In the last we get the conclusion that both platform are best at their place.

Envato elements is best for the Beginners because of it’s cheaper than Adobe stock or you ca get all the stuff in high quality but something isn’t like the adobe stock so, Envato elements is best for if you are a beginner or just stating to create. As like that shutterstock is a place where you can gets anything for your professional work or then material also be professional use.

Adobe stock is for professional where you can get anything for your creation which satisfied you needs.

I recommend Envato elements for the Beginners or adobe stock for who learnt much about the creation and the shutterstock for them whom work is vast and needed much high quality material then shutterstock provides the best for that. At the last it’s the best comparison of adobe stock vs envato elements vs shutterstock

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